Behind the skis

You’re not going to believe this… but J skis is going on it’s 10th year 🤯 Time flies when you’re having fun! ha
When launching the brand back in 2013 “The Allplay” was the first ski I made. It quickly earned itself a cult following as the most playful ski on the market and continues to be our #1 selling ski!
Keep in mind I founded J skis on the philosophy that there’s always room to improve, so we’ve been working hard the past two years to further improve this ski’s design.
Check out the pics and details of our Research & Development process below.

We’ll be releasing our new skis to you on August 4th so mark your calendar!
- J Lev

 j skis r&d


giray engineering skis in cad for j

It all starts with engineering. This is where pro-skier / super nerd Giray Dadali uses CAD to transforms our wildest ideas into numbers!


ski mold for J allplay at the utopie factory in Canada

Our factory in Canada then uses a CNC machine to mill out the new mold so we can build multiple skis in the same shape with different flex patterns.

 allplay j ski prototypes


Every round of prototyping consists of 3 to 6 flex variations. We don't look at any numbers until AFTER testing so we have unbiased opinions on which version skis the best 📈


giray adding rocker to a ski via door method

Adding extra rocker via door bend is extremely precise engineering and should only be done by a professional... do NOT attempt at home!


testing proto skis on the mountain

Slushy spring lap tested and approved ✔️ 


skiers jumping and slashing on new prototype J skis

Big n' tall to short n' small, it's super important to get as many different skiers testing as possible so we have a wide range of data to work with. 


J adjusting ski bindings

One part of the process is testing new prototypes against other models in our line up to make sure every ski works the best for its intended purpose.


Juice ripping the park on the new allplay ski

The 97mm wide Allplay required advanced testing from park pro Justin "Juice" Kennedy.


pile of j skis in the back of the car after proto testing

Over 18 new graphics and a brand new Allplay dropping soon!
What are dem little skis fo?!?!


Skis launch August 4th at 4:20 PM EST