Creating new ski graphics

It takes months of work collaborating with amazing artists from around the world to create our new Limited Edition skis. It's a crazy fun and rewarding process as we see the graphics come to life on actual skis!

Scroll down to take a first hand look at how we created some of our new ski graphics before they're released on August 4th!

J lev deciding on which ski graphic to use

I have to narrow down dozens of graphic options until we have the perfect visual mix for each ski model.


paul jackson griz

Paul Jackson blew our minds with this insane glitch bear painting!


shane mcfalls artist

Shane McFalls is back and cooking up something extra special for next season's collab Joyride ski.


fank designing a graphic

Our graphic designer, Fank, spends his days pushing pixels around to reshape the artwork to fit the odd canvas shape of a ski... aka creating magic!

graphic ski samples for color evaluation j skis

Once Fank finalizes graphics and we get approval from the artists, we send them off to the factory for test prints... sometimes it takes a few tries to get the colors calibrated perfectly like on this new Elyse Dodge collab.


roundup sam larson j skis graphic

Shit starts to get real once sample skis start showing up at our office... this town ain't big enough for the two of us!


ski the east J skis collab ski

Luckily Killington stayed open until June 1st so Ski The East was able to give our new collab the official mogul test!


J skis graphic tails teaser for new skis

These won't last long so make sure you've got early access to grab the graphic you want... before it's sold out!